A downloadable game for Windows

The chimera has come to Mount Olympus to ruin our day.

Save us!

Rage Against the Chimera was made for the Mini Jam 7 game jam. 

The theme is Greek Mythology. 

The limitation is 4 colors.

Made with lots of love and fury by:

Music and Sound Engineer - Yag https://yagich.itch.io/

Master Programmer and Keyboard Smasher - Raul Rita  https://raulritagoneindie.itch.io/

Creative Genius and Pixel Wizard - Zach Sarette -  https://zachsarette.itch.io/


Up - Jump

Right, Left - Right and Left

Space - throw spear

Esc - quit the game

M - quit to the menu


Install instructions

Unzip the file.

 Keep the contents together. 

Double click on the "AgainstTheChimera.exe" file.

Click more info and Run Anyways if you get a screen preventing you from playing. 



AgainstTheChimera_Win64 (2).zip 1,009 kB

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