1. 2. 3. 4  --> Change Elemental Type

SPACE --> Fire!

A game made by Zachary Sarette in 2018 for the Mini Game Jam # 14. 

Theme: Elements

Limitation: No Humans

Enjoy! <3


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1300 points!

I like the 2.5D
I had to look for the tutorial to understand.
At first it was a bit slow but then combo after combo I liked it.

if it lacks some background music and maybe a sound when an enemy comes.

Thanks for the points! I will spend them wisely... MUHAHAHAHA! 

And yes. I will try to make music first for the next jam. Glad you enjoyed the game! Thanks for the feedback! <3


Cool game. The passing is a bit off. You have to wait quite a while at the start for the next enemy to appear, which can be quite boring, and when they appear they are very very fast. Maybe it would be better if there was a constant stream of very slow enemies at the start, which then get faster and faster.

Yeah... The game suddenly ends, doesn't it? The spawning logarithmic. Waves of evenly spaced enemies getting smaller after each wave would have been much better. Thanks for playing and the feedback! :D


Game is pretty fast to react for somebody who just learn how to play 

It's not logic that wind counter wind or else 

In need of more music into it 

Good work :D


True! In real life please don't fight fire with fire. ;) Thanks for playing! And yes. I should make music first... hehe